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SZU France

In December 2019, the Engineering Testing Institute actively entered the French market. Bertrand Clabecq, a local representative of the SZU, is involved in expanding our customer portfolio, facilitating contacts between the SZU and the French institutions, and is also tasked with assisting with questions concerning the marketing of products on French territory. Mr. Clabecq's company Upgrade advises and supports companies in the marketing of their products in France

The Engineering Test Institute is since 2017 one of 13 recognized laboratories of the programme Flamme Verte. The certification mark Flamme Verte presents a big advantage for producers wanting to introduce their products into the French market.

Who can you reach out to?

Bertrand Clabecq

Bertrand Clabecq

Director of SZU France
+33 (0)6 71 56 35 05